Dissolving Written Language 字非文,文非字


Written language is essentially a collection of symbols. By carefully composing these symbols, a passage evolves to become an idea delivery device. The composition of these symbols usually comes with restrictions in a sense that we will choose a limited number of typefaces, font sizes, colors etc. so as to effectively deliver the meanings within. The notion of this experiment is to relax these restrictions. Meaning delivered within the written language dissolves when the restrictions vanish. Passage ceases to serve its original purpose of delivering ideas and instead it becomes a pure piece of graphic representation. By means of randomization of typefaces, font sizes and so on of each character (symbol), a new visual meaning will be inherent in a passage, which is originally in the form of written language. Injecting new restrictions unrelated to the original arrangement of symbols will add another layer of visual representation to the passage.

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Original Passage (Collection of symbols with inherent ideas to be delivered)



Relax restrictions – the symbols appear as if there are rearranged with different restrictions. The original collection of symbols can even become pure visual representations

An example of injecting new restrictions to symbol arrangement